Database Tables

Learn how to read, manipulate, and create Access 2000 database tables in this free lesson.

Datasheet basics

The core component of a database is a table. Data is defined and stored in a table. Multiple tables—each consisting of different types of data—can be created in a database.

Datasheet Basics

Each row in the database is called a record. The entry for John Smith is called a record. The entry for Martha Tompkins is also a record. Each row or record is made up of columns or fields—L.Name, F.Name, Phone, Address, City, State, and Zip—which contain a particular piece of information.

SmithJohn919.555.6320100 Paramount ParkwayMorrisvilleNC27560
TompkinsMartha919.555.642797 Hummingbird CourtCaryNC27513

In a contact management database, a list of names—contacts to whom you have sent resumes or have met through your personal network—might be maintained in a table, along with addresses, phone numbers, and other personal information.