Adding Form Records

In Access 2000 adding form records may seem confusing at first. This free lesson offers step-by-step instructions.


Add a form record by doing the following:

  • Open the Great Lake Elementary School database.
  • In the database window, choose the Forms tab from the Objects palette.
  • Double-click the New Student form to open it.
  • Practice navigating the form.
  • Click the New Record button to display a blank entry.
  • Enter the following data for new student Amanda Lewis:
    • Student Name: Amanda Lewis
    • Student ID: 999887777
    • Grade: 4
    • Teacher ID: 4
    • Parent Name: Thurman Lewis
    • Address: 456 Tutor Drive
    • City: Anytown
    • Phone: 1012339571 (do not attempt to preformat the number)
  • Use Enter or Tab to move from one field to the next.
  • Close the form.
  • Double-click on the New Student form to reopen it.
  • Check to see if Access 2000 saved your addition. Remember, Access saves records automatically.
  • Close the New Student form.