Adding Table Records

In Access 2000 adding table records is easier than you think. Just follow the instructions provided in this free lesson.

The Record Selector

When entering data, attention to the smallest details is important.

Therefore, attention to spelling and grammar is critical. Sloppy data- entry work can be a disaster. For example, if a customer's last name is Smithson, do not carelessly type Smithsson.

When you begin entering data, Access makes a few changes to the actual datasheet. Most significant is the addition of the Record Selector, a small gray box located to the left of the record.

Record Selector

The Record Selector can display the following symbols:

  • Record Selector - arrow indicates the current record. The record has been saved as it is displayed.
  • Record Selector - pencil indicates you have added or edited data that has not yet been saved.
  • Record Selector - asterisk indicates a new record you can enter information into.

status area in detail

Important pointEach table contains a blank record at the end of the table. You must add new records here.