Adding Table Records

In Access 2000 adding table records is easier than you think. Just follow the instructions provided in this free lesson.

Working with records

When entering records, you may need to resize columns. To resize columns, place the mouse pointer between the column headings. When the pointer changes to a resizing tool resizing tool, click and drag to manually resize the column, or double-click to use the autofit feature.

lesson arrow Saving your work: After adding a new record in the last field in Datasheet view, use the mouse or an arrow key, press Tab, or press Enter to move the focus off of a record. When you do so, Access saves the data automatically.

lesson arrowIf you want to save data without moving the focus, choose Recordslesson actionSave Record. For example, if you are entering a long record and want to save the data while you work, choose this option.