Creating a Report

In Access 2000 creating reports is easy. Just follow the step-by-step instructions provided in this free lesson.

Using the Report Wizard

In the Report Wizard's first dialog box, choose the table or query on which to base the report. Click the right arrow to move individual fields to the Selected Fields box or the double arrow to move all the fields. When you have selected all of the fields you want from the first table or query, select the next object from the list. Click Next.

Report Wizard's first dialog box

lesson arrowFollow the Report Wizard's directions carefully. Click Finish to close the Report Wizard and open your report in Print Preview.

Important PointYou can decide to include any or all of the Report Wizard's selections in your report.

Important PointVery important! When working in tables, forms, queries, and reports, use the New Object button new object button on the toolbar to create new database objects (tables, forms, queries, and reports).