Database Terms

Learn about common Access 2000 database terms in this free lesson.

Database terms: Tables, records, and fields

Table: A table is made up of several records. A table contains data that describes one thing or individual. In a table, data is arranged in columns and rows in an essentially rectangular shape. (A spreadsheet, for example, looks like a table.)

lesson arrowExample: There are several teachers listed in the Teacher table. Each teacher is assigned a teacher ID, name, and room number.

Great Lake Elementary database - Teacher table

Record: A record is made up of several fields. A record includes all of the data for a specific item or individual.

lesson arrowExample: All of the data for a particular teacher is a record.


Fields: A field, located at the intersection of a row and column, is a space allocated for a particular piece of information.

lesson arrowExample: Mrs. Brown's name is Brown. Brown is contained in a field.


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