Deleting Table Records

In Access 2000 deleting table records is simpler than you think. Just follow the directions provided in this free lesson.


Practice deleting a table record by doing the following:

  • Open the Great Lake Elementary School sample database.
  • Open the Teachers table.
  • Practice selecting consecutive records using one of the methods described in the lesson.
  • Using the Record Selector, select the last record (it should be Regina Gibbs) in the table.
  • Press the Delete Record button on the toolbar. Choose Yes when prompted if you are sure you want to delete a record.
  • Close the Teachers table.
Note: Some of the tables in the databases are relational. If you attempt to delete a related record, the following error message displays:

Delete error

lesson arrowIf you get this message, click OK. In the short term, don't worry about deleting the record.