Editing Table Records

In Access 2000 editing table records is easy. Just follow the directions provided in this free lesson.

Editing data in a table

In the previous lesson, you opened and navigated a table in an existing database, added table records to an existing database, resized table columns, and saved a table record.


Important pointA field is a space allocated for a particular piece of information.

Important pointA record is one complete record of fields.

To edit a single word in a field:

  • Move the mouse over the field you want to edit. The mouse pointer changes to an I-beam.
  • When you click in the field, an insertion point appears.
  • Double-click (or click and drag) the I-beam to select a single word, then type over the word.

Double-click to select a single word in a field

To edit an entire field:

  • Move the mouse pointer to the left edge of the field you want to edit.
  • The mouse pointer changes to a selection tool, a large cross. selection tool: large cross
  • Click to select the field, then type over the word.

Important pointWarning! When attempting to edit an entire field, be careful not to move the mouse pointer so far to the left that the pointer changes to an arrow. Clicking the Record Selector selects the record, but you cannot edit data in the fields with the entire record selected.

Important pointSaving your wWork: When you are finished entering or editing table data, close the table. If you have changed table layout, you'll be prompted to save the changes. Unlike Word, Excel, and PowerPoint applications, you will not be prompted to save the data you entered. Each record was saved as you entered it.