Editing Table Records

In Access 2000 editing table records is easy. Just follow the directions provided in this free lesson.

Checking the spelling of data

The Spelling feature searches for spelling errors in a table, form, or query. For now, we'll concentrate on checking spelling in a table.

lesson arrowIn a table, check the spelling of records, fields, or text within a field.

To check spelling in a table:

  • Click the Spelling button. Spelling button The Spelling dialog box opens.
  • Access checks the data until it finds a word that is not in the Dictionary file. The unrecognized word is displayed in the Not in Dictionary text box.
  • Manually correct the word, replace it from a list of suggested spellings, ignore it, or add the word to the custom dictionary.

Spelling dialog box

Important PointOffice 2000's Spelling feature is fully explained in our Office 2000 tutorial.