Filtering Records

In Access 2000 filtering records may seem confusing at first. This free lesson offers step-by-step instructions.

Filtering excluding selection

If you want to see all data in a form or table except for a certain criterion, use Filter Excluding Selection.

To apply Filter Excluding Selection:

  • Locate a record with the criterion you want to exclude. For example, you may want to exclude a particular zip code.
  • Choose Recordlesson actionFilter Excluding Selection or right-click and choose Filter Excluding Selection from the shortcut menu.
  • All records except the criterion you excluded are now visible.
  • The status area shows only filtered records.

Important PointRemove this filter by clicking the Remove/Apply Filter button.

Important PointAll sorting and filtering commands are available in the Records menu (on the menu bar) and on the shortcut menu.

Picure of Records menu: In the records menu, all filtering and sorting commands are available