Finding Records

In Access 2000 finding records may seem confusing at first. This free lesson offers step-by-step instructions.

The Find and Replace dialog box: Additional features

  • Use the Look In drop-down box to narrow your search. Tell Access where to look for the text. Choose current field or entire database.

Important PointIf you've already clicked in the field that contains the data you're searching for, you can skip this step.

Find and Replace dialog box - Look In drop down box

Find and Replace dialog box - Match drop down box

  • Click Find Next. The records with the first occurrence of the matched text displays, or the Office Assistant tells you that no matched records were found.

Office Assistant's message: File not found

  • Click Cancel if you've found the record you're searching for. The Find and Replace dialog box closes.

  • Click Find Next if you need to search further. The next occurrence displays.