Sorting Multiple Records

In Access 2000 sorting multiple records may seem confusing at first. This free lesson offers step-by-step instructions.

Multi-field sorting

Multi-field sorting sorts the record on the first field you specify, then sorts records with the same value using another specified field. For example, you can alphabetize all of the Browns by first name.

To sort by multiple fields:

  • Open the desired form or table in Datasheet view.
  • Move the columns you want to sort so they are next to each other.

Important pointMoving a column in Access is similar to moving a column in Excel.

  • Select the column by clicking the column heading. The mouse pointer becomes a white arrow with a ghost box.
  • Drag the column to the desired position. As you drag, a dark vertical line is shown moving between the columns. Release the left mouse button.
  • The column sorted first should be on the left, the second to its immediate right, and so on.
  • Select all fields (columns) involved in the multi-sort process.
  • Click the ascending or descending button on the toolbar.

Ascending and Descending Sort buttons