Adding Form Records

In Access 2003 adding form records may seem confusing at first. This free lesson offers step-by-step instructions.

Opening forms in the Contact Management database

Forms can be opened several ways in the Contact Management database. When the Contact Management database is first opened, a main switchboard of menu items is automatically displayed. A form can also be displayed by opening it from the Forms object.

If a table has been defined to a database, it does not matter whether records are inputted into the table using the Datasheet view discussed in lesson 7 or through a data entry form presented in this lesson. Both methods update the same table.

To open a form from the Forms object:

  • Open the Contact Management database.
  • In the database window, click on the Forms tab from the Objects palette.

    Forms Selection on Objects Palette
  • In the right white pane, double-click the Contacts form.

    You can also either click once on the Contacts form and then click the Open button or right-click the Contacts form and select Open from the shortcut menu.

    Contacts Form Selection