Editing and Deleting Table Records

In Access 2003 editing table records is easy. In Access 2003 deleting table records is simple as well. Just follow these directions.

Using the Undo feature

There might be occasions when you do something to a table—type the wrong number in a cell, for example—that you didn't mean to do. Fortunately, you can undo an operation in Access 2003. The Undo operation recovers the last single action performed.

Certain rules govern use of the Undo feature. First, the record needs to be edited in Datasheet view. Also, Undo becomes unavailable when:

  • A different field is edited (Undo of the last field edit cannot be performed)
  • A different record is edited (Undo of the last saved record cannot be performed)
  • A different window is displayed
  • A filter is applied or removed (filters are discussed in a later lesson)

To Undo the last change to the current field, use one of the following methods:

  • Click the Undo button on the Standard toolbar.
  • Choose EditUndo Current Field/Record from the menu bar.
  • Press the Esc key on the keyboard.