Editing Form Records

In Access 2003 editing form records may seem confusing at first. This free lesson offers step-by-step instructions.

Using the status area to navigate records in a form:

Contact records must be updated whenever information changes. Changes occur when people move from one address to another, switch companies, or change phone numbers. In the Contact Management database, you can change this information using the Contacts form.

Contacts Form

Navigating through records in a form is similar to navigating records in Datasheet view. The Form view window contains a status area in the bottom-left corner. Use the arrows to navigate through the forms.

Status Area

  • Click the arrows in the status area to move to the first record, previous record, next record, or last record in the table.
  • The New Record button displays a blank form into which information for a new record can be added to the table.

Use the keyboard to navigate the fields in a form.

KeySelects the
TabNext field to the right
Shift + TabNext field to the left
Down ArrowField below the current record
Up ArrowField above the current record