Opening a Table and Learning to Navigate Records

In Access 2003 opening tables can be done using the steps in this lesson. In Access 2003 navigating records can be done as well.

Opening an existing table in Datasheet view

Tables are created and maintained in the Tables tab of the Objects palette in Microsoft Access. The Contact Management database contains four tables: Calls, Contact Types, Contacts, and Switchboard Items. We will discuss the Contacts table in this lesson.

A table opened in Datasheet view resembles a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. It is used to input records into the database and will be discussed in this lesson.

To open an existing table (Contacts) from the Tables object:

  • Open the Contact Management database.
  • In the database window, click the Tables tab from the Objects palette.

    If the database window is not displayed, choose WindowContact Management: Database from the menu bar.

    Contacts Table in Tables Object
  • To open the table in Datasheet view, double-click the Contacts table in the right window pane.

    You could also either click once on the Contacts form and then click the Open button, or you could right-click the Contacts form and then select Open from the shortcut menu.