Opening a Table and Learning to Navigate Records

In Access 2003 opening tables can be done using the steps in this lesson. In Access 2003 navigating records can be done as well.


  • Open the Contact Management database.
  • Open the Contacts table in Datasheet view.
  • Click through each of the following buttons in the status area: Next Record, Last Record, Previous Record, and First Record.
  • Practice scrolling through the table using the horizontal and vertical scroll bars.
  • Take a screen print of the window showing the horizontal and vertical scroll bars.
  • Practice using the keyboard to navigate through table records. Notice how the cursor moves from record to record for each of the following keys:
    • Tab
    • Shift + Tab
    • End
    • Home
    • Page Down
    • Page Up
    • Down Arrow
    • Up Arrow
    • Ctrl + End
    • Ctrl + Home