Using a Wizard to Create the Contact Management Database

Get to know and use the Access 2003 Wizard contact management database in this free lesson.

Launching the Database Wizard

The Contact Management database was created using the Microsoft Access Database Wizard. We will briefly review the steps involved in creating this database.

Microsoft Access 2003 is equipped with a Database Wizard that can be used to create any of 10 simple databases: Asset Tracking, Contact Management, Event Management, Expenses, Inventory Control, Ledger, Order Entry, Resource Scheduling, Service Call Management, and Time and Billing.

In this lesson, we will briefly review the steps involved in creating the Contact Management database.

How to create a Contact Management database using the Database Wizard:

  • Choose FileNew from the menu bar.
  • Click once on the Databases tab near the top of the New window.

    New Database Templates
  • If the Templates window does not show, you may need to select On my computer from the task pane on the right side of your screen.
    Task Pane
  • Click once to select on the Contact Management icon.
  • Click the OK button to launch the wizard.

    File New Database Dialog Box
  • Specify the location where the database will be saved.