Viewing and Adding Table Records

In Access 2003 viewing table records is simple. In Access 2003 adding table records is easy as well. Just follow these instructions.

Resizing table columns

Adjusting column width using the menu bar:

  • Click anywhere in the column where the column width is to be changed.
  • Choose FormatColumn Width on the Standard toolbar.
  • Type a new specification in the Column Width field.
  • Click the OK button to accept the change.

To AutoFit column width:

  • Place your mouse pointer to the right side of the column header.
  • The mouse pointer changes to the adjustment tool (double-headed arrow).
  • Double-click the column header border.
  • Access automatically fits the column, making the entire column slightly larger than the largest entry contained in it.

To access AutoFit from the menu bar, choose FormatColumn Width, then check the Best Fit check box.