Viewing and Adding Table Records

In Access 2003 viewing table records is simple. In Access 2003 adding table records is easy as well. Just follow these instructions.

Adjusting row height

Each row in Access defaults to a height of 12.75 but can be enlarged to 1638. Changing the height of a row is similar to adjusting a column width, with two exceptions: a row height change applies to all rows in a table, and AutoFit is not available at the row level.

To adjust row height:

  • Choose FormatRow Height on the Standard toolbar.

    Format and Row Heigh Menu Selections
  • Type a new specification in the Row Height field.

    Row Height Dialog Box
  • Click the OK button to accept the change.

Saving your work: If you changed the table layout, you will be prompted to save the changes when you exit Microsoft Access.