Creating and Using Forms

In this Access forms tutorial you will learn how to create and use forms to know exactly what data to enter into your Access database.

Using forms to enter data

Populating a database is easy once you have a basic form in place. Record navigation works the same way for forms as it does for tables. The navigation bar is located in the bottom-left of the object pane. The navigation buttons work the same way as they do for tables. The picture below shows the navigation buttons for a form.

Form NavigationForm Navigation Buttons

To add a record using a form:

Your data must be entered using an acceptable format. The acceptable formats were established when the field properties were set.

Save by using either the Save command on the Ribbon or by progressing to another record using the New (Blank) Record navigation button. Moving to a new record saves the most recently entered record. However, it may be necessary to refresh the table in Datasheet view to see the newest record.

To edit records using a form:

Just like in a table, database users can edit records from a form using the Find and Replace command. This command works exactly the same way in a form as it does in a table.