Entering and Editing Data in Tables

In Access entering data into tables offers many options. Learn all about adding and editing Access database entries in this free lesson.

Editing records in tables

Sometimes it is necessary to edit records in the database. Like with every other task in Access 2007, this can be done several different ways.

To edit a record directly:

To edit a record using Find and Replace:

CAUTION: DO NOT use Replace All because it will overwrite every instance of the Find term in the table, which can have a serious impact on your data.

To copy and paste a pecord:

To delete a record:

Delete Record Dialog BoxDelete Record Dialog Box

There may be other records that rely on the record you are trying to delete. DO NOT delete a record without knowing how it will impact the rest of your database.

Record NumbersRecord Numbering after Deleting Records

When you delete a record, the record number is permanently deleted from the database table. If you delete the last record from a table and then add a new record, your new record numbers will appear to be out of sequence.