Filtering Records

In Access filter data so you see only what you want to see. This will help you filter out the information in your Access database that you don't need.

Filtering records

Filtering records

When you tell Access 2007 to filter your records, you are asking it to:

You can filter data using what Microsoft calls the Filter by Field and Filter by Selection methods. Additionally, Access 2007 can perform an Advanced Filter, which is essentially a small query that is run on only one table. These options are described in the table below.

Filter by FieldLists all of the values that have been entered in a specified field so you can choose which value or values you want Access to find
Filter by SelectionOffers the ability to search records based on the value that is currently selected in a table; you can ask it to find records that:
  • Equal the value
  • Do not equal the value
  • Contain the value
  • Do not contain the value
Advanced FilterNarrows filtered results further by performing additional filters or sorts