Filtering Records

In Access filter data so you see only what you want to see. This will help you filter out the information in your Access database that you don't need.

Filtering by field

When you Filter by Field, Access 2007 finds all of the values that have been entered in the specified field. Access lists all of these values for you so you can choose which value or values you want Access to find for you within that field. Once you choose which value to filter by, Access returns the results to you as a subset of records in the table.

To use the Filter by Field feature:

Filter by FieldResults for Filter by State for NC Customers

The results will appear in the table. In the example above, the results are showing all records for customers living in North Carolina (NC). Notice that all other records are hidden from view but that the table name is still Customers.

To toggle between filtered and unfiltered results:

As with most actions in Access, you can toggle between your filtered results and unfiltered tables in a variety of ways: