Filtering Records

In Access filter data so you see only what you want to see. This will help you filter out the information in your Access database that you don't need.

Using advanced filters

An Advanced Filter is similar to a multilevel sort in Microsoft Excel. An Advanced Filter can help you further narrow your records. This is like running a miniature query on only one table. It uses a screen that's similar to the query design screen, and it can even save your results as a query so you can use them again later.

To apply an Advanced Filter:

Important: Access will perform the sorts left to right, according to the way they are displayed on the Advanced Filter design screen. Once all of the sorts are complete, Access will perform filter functions. Similar to sorts, Access filters from left to right based on the order displayed on the Advanced Filter design screen.

To view the results, click the Toggle Filter button on the Ribbon.

Your filtered results will appear in a new table. You can save the advanced filter so you can run it again later if you want.

To save the Advanced Filter:

Access 2007 saves Advanced Filters as queries because they are simple queries run on only one table.