Making Forms More Usable with Controls

In this Access forms tutorial you will learn how to make Access forms more usable with controls while increasing the integrity of your Access database.

Setting field properties

Sometimes it may be necessary to set field properties from the form itself. For example, on the New Orders form for our bookstore shown below, we want to set up the Order Date field to auto-fill with the current date each time an order is entered. This way, our employees will not have to worry about entering a date on the form because the form will do it for them.

New Orders FormNew Orders Form

To set field properties from a form in Design view:

In our example, we want to set the Order Date field to auto-fill with the current date. Refer to the picture below. Notice that we have the Order Date field highlighted on the form itself. On the Property Sheet, we have Order Date showing in the Selection type drop-down list.

Setting Order Date on New Orders FormSetting Properties for Order Date on the New Orders Form

Because we want the Order Date to auto-fill, we must set the default value to always enter the current date.

To set a field to auto-fill with the current date: