Setting up Tables and Fields

In Access database tables and database fields are integral elements to pulling together relevant information. Learn how to use them here.

Setting up tables and fields

Creating a new database with Access

When you launch Access 2007, you will see the Getting Started window.

In the left pane, the template categories—including the featured local templates—are listed, as well as the categories on Office Online. Templates are prebuilt databases focused on a specific task that you can download and use immediately.

You will also see the New Blank Database option, which allows you to build your own database from scratch.

Getting Started WindowGetting Started Window

When you choose the New Blank Database option at the top of the window, you will be prompted to rename the database from the default name, which is Database1.accdb. Rename the database whatever you want. In the example below, we named the database Ready2Read because it's the name of the store in our scenario.

New Blank DatabaseCreate a New Blank Database

Click Create to finish naming the database.