Setting up Tables and Fields

In Access database tables and database fields are integral elements to pulling together relevant information. Learn how to use them here.

To rename a table:

With the table closed, right-click the Table you want to rename in the navigation pane. Select the Rename option that appears in the menu.

Rename Table from Navigation PaneRename Table from Navigation Pane

The table name will be highlighted and a cursor will appear, which means you can now type the new name right there. Left-click anywhere outside of the table name to make the change.

To close a table:

There are several ways to close an active table. You can right-click the Table tab and choose Close from the menu.

Close Table from Table TabClose Table from Table Tab

A more common method is to click the X that appears in the top-right corner of the active database object window.

Close Table from Document WindowClose Table from Document Window

To open a table:

To open a table, right-click the Table name of the table you want to open in the navigation pane, then choose Open from the menu.

Open Table from Navigation PaneOpen Table from Navigation Pane

A more common method is to double-click the table name in the navigation pane. The selected table will open in the active database object window.