Setting up Tables and Fields

In Access database tables and database fields are integral elements to pulling together relevant information. Learn how to use them here.

Setting the data type for a field

Access 2007 lets you control how data can be entered in each table field within your database. This is done using Data Type. The default data type is text for every field after the ID field, which was set to auto-number. You can change the Data Type setting in two ways:

To change data type from the Ribbon:

Click the field header, then select the data type you want from the drop-down menu next to the Date Type command.

Setting Data Type via RibbonSetting Data Type via Ribbon

To change data type in Design view:

Click the field name, then press the Tab key on your keyboard. From the drop-down menu under the Data Type column, select the format you want.

Setting Data Type in Design ViewSetting Data Type in Design View

The data type is more noticeable when the database is being populated with records. It will cause data to be formatted for currency, text, number, and date and time just like it does in Microsoft Excel.