Using Reports to Make Data Meaningful to Others

In Access reports can be more meaningful to others. Learn how to create reports in Access so others can understand the data you're presenting.

To modify the title of a report:

To modify text in report headings:

If you don't like the standard font face and size Access used to create your report, you can modify them using common Microsoft Office text formatting commands. You can modify the size, font face, font color, alignment, and much more. They all work basically the same way.

To apply an AutoFormat style:

Like with forms, Access 2007 offers a variety of report styles in the AutoFormat command. To apply a style:

To change the page layout:

When a report is created, it opens in Layout view, like the one in the picture below. The dotted lines are showing where the edge of the page will be in Report view.

Report Layout ViewReport in Layout View

To change the page layout options:

Page Layout OptionsPage Layout Options for Report

All of the standard Microsoft page layout options are available, including:

Page Layout OptionDescription
MarginsTo set the margins for narrow, wide, or normal
OrientationTo select either a portrait or landscape orientation
SizeTo set paper size