Working with Tables

In Access tables are arguably the most important object. Use tables in Access to store all of your data to run queries and reports.

Modifying table appearance

Video: Customizing Tables

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Access offers various ways to modify the appearance of tables, including resizing fields and rows and temporarily hiding information you don't need to see. These changes aren't just about making your table look good; they also can make the table easier to read.

Resizing fields and rows

If your fields and rows are too small or large for the data contained with them, you can always resize them so all of the text is displayed.

To resize a field:

  1. Place your cursor over the right gridline in the field title. Your mouse will become a double arrow.
    Screenshot of Access 2013Resizing a field
  2. Click and drag the gridline to the right to increase the field width or to the left to decrease the field width, then release the mouse. The field width will be changed.
    The resized field, now with all the text fully displayingThe resized field

To resize a row:

  1. Place your cursor over the bottom gridline in the gray area to the left of the row. Your mouse will become a double arrow.
    Screenshot of Access 2013Resizing a row
  2. Click and drag the gridline downward to increase the row height or upward to decrease the row height, then release the mouse. The row height will be changed.
    Screenshot of Access 2013The resized row

Hiding fields

If you have a field you don't plan on editing or don't want other people to edit, you can hide it. A hidden field is invisible but is still part of your database. Data within a hidden field can still be accessed from forms, queries, reports, and any related tables.

To hide a field:

  1. Right-click the field title, then select Hide Fields.
    Screenshot of Access 2013Hiding a field
  2. The field will be hidden.

If you decide you want the field to be visible again, you can unhide it. Simply right-click any field title, then select Unhide Fields. A dialog box will appear. Click the checkboxes of any fields you want to be visible again, then click Close.

Screenshot of Access 2013Unhiding a hidden field