Designing a Multi-table Query

When designing an Access query it can be simple or more complex. In Access complex query guidlines let you do more with data.


  1. Open our practice database.
  2. Create a new query.
  3. Select the Customers and Orders tables to include in your query.
  4. Change the join direction to right to left.
  5. Add the First Name, Last Name, and Zip Code fields from the Customers table to your query.
  6. Add the Paid field from the Orders Table to your query.
  7. Set the following criteria:
    In the Zip Code field, type 27609 to return only records with a zip code of 27609.
    In the Paid field, type Yes to return only customers who have paid.
  8. Run the query. If you entered the query correctly, your results will include 20 records of customers who live in the zip code 27609 and have paid for an order. If not, click the View drop-down arrow on the Ribbon to return to Design view and check your work.
  9. Save the query with the name Paying Customers in 27609.