Designing a Simple Query

When designing an Access query it can be simple or more complex. In Access simple query guidelines let you pull important data.


  1. Open our practice database.
  2. Create a new query.
  3. Select the Customers table to include in your query.
  4. Add the following fields from the Customers table to your query:
    First Name
    Last Name
    Zip Code
  5. Set the following criteria:
    In the City field, type "Durham" to return only records with Durham in the City field.
    In the Zip Code field, type "27514" in the or: row to return records that are either in Durham or zip code 27514.
  6. Run the query. If you entered the query correctly, your results will include 15 records of customers who live in Durham OR in zip code 27514.
  7. Save the query with the name Customers who live in Durham.