Formatting Forms

Learn all about formatting Access forms to make your Access database look more professional, consistent, and user friendly.

More formatting options

Adding logos and other images to your forms can greatly improve their appearance, as can applying theme colors and fonts. To learn how to add images and theme elements to your forms, review our Advanced Report Options lesson. The procedures are identical.

A form with an image and theme colors

Modifying the colors and fonts of form components

To further customize the appearance of your forms, you can apply different colors and fonts to individual fields, buttons, labels, and other form components. Modifying form appearance this way is useful if you want to use a certain color or font scheme in a form but don't want these design elements to apply to your entire database.

For instance, in the form below we modified the font of our form title. We also applied a new fill and border color to the form fields and are doing the same with the command buttons.

Making additional modifications with tools on the Format tab

You can make these changes using formatting techniques and tools similar to the ones you would use to modify shapes in Word and other Office programs. Simply select the object you want to modify while in Layout or Design view and use the formatting options on the Format tab to customize its appearance. For more information on making these types of modifications, review the Shapes lesson from our Word 2016 tutorial.