Adding Form Records

In Access XP adding form records may seem confusing at first. This free lesson offers step-by-step instructions.

Adding records using the enter and view Contact Types form

To add a new contact type:

  • Click the New Record button to display a blank data entry form. Do not type anything in the Contact Type ID field because it is the primary key.

    Contact Types Dialog Box
  • Type the entry Friends in the Contact Type field.

Saving your work: Unlike Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, you will not be prompted to save the data you entered when you exit the screen or close application. In Access, each record is saved automatically when you move to another record or exit the form.

You can always add records to the Contact Types table while in Datasheet view. Click the Tables tab from the Objects palette of the database window, then double-click the Contact Types table to open the table in Datasheet view.