Database Tables

Learn how to read, manipulate, and create Access XP database tables in this free lesson.


Let's assume that a database table called Contacts contains all of the fields listed in the first column of the chart below. The chart also contains four other columns:

  • Text, numbers, or both: Should the field accept data entry input in the form of text, numbers, or both?
  • Field size: This is the number of spaces you think the field should have.
  • Required entry: Should the field be required entry (the record cannot be added to the database without the information) or optional entry (a record can be added without entry in the field)?
  • Allow duplicates: Should the database allow duplicate entries for the field (e.g., can several people in the database share the same zip code)?

Practice designing fields by filling out the following table:

Text, numbers, or both?Field sizeRequired entry?Allow duplicates?
First Name
Last Name
Zip Code
Contact ID
Work Phone
Work Extension
Mobile Phone
Fax Number