Editing and Deleting Table Records

In Access XP editing table records is easy. In Access XP deleting table records is simple as well. Just follow these directions.

Editing a table record in Datasheet view

Information in a record is likely to change over time, when someone moves from one address to another, or when someone changes his or her phone number. Information can be changed in any field of any table record.

To edit a single word in a field:

  • Move the mouse over the field you want to edit. The mouse pointer changes to an I-beam.
  • To add characters to the field information (e.g., a letter needs to be added to a word), click once in the field at the spot where the information needs to be changed. An insertion point | appears.
  • To overwrite a word in the field (e.g., "Road" needs to change to "Street"), double-click (or click-and-drag across the word) on the word in the field. Type the new information directly over the highlighted word.

    Selecting a Word in Datasheet View

To edit an entire field:

Sometimes you will need to change the entire contents of a field (e.g., someone has a new address). In Access, you can select an entire field for editing.

  • Move the mouse pointer to the left edge of the field you want to edit.
  • The mouse pointer changes to a selection tool, which looks like a large cross.
  • Click to select the field.
  • Type the new information.

Warning! When attempting to edit an entire field, be careful not to move the mouse pointer so far to the left that you click the Record Selector (pointer changes to an arrow pointing right) and select the entire record. In Access, you cannot edit fields when the entire record selected.

Saving your wWork: Unlike Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, you will not be prompted to save the data you entered when you exit the screen or close application. In Access, each record is saved automatically when you move to another record.