Filtering Records

In Access XP filtering records may seem confusing at first. This free lesson offers step-by-step instructions.

Performing a filter by selection

There are times when you might want to view only records that match a specific criterion. A filter is a technique that lets you view and work with a subset of data. Applying a filter to an Access table, form, or query temporarily hides records that don't meet your search criteria. For example, you may only want to work with data pertaining to a specific zip code.

To filter by selection:

  • Click anywhere in the field where you want to filter the records in the table.

    Select Field to be Used in Filter
  • Click the Filter by Selection button in the Standard toolbar, or choose RecordsFilterFilter By Selection from the menu bar to apply the filtering.

    Filter by Selection Option in the Records Menu
  • The filter produces a display that shows only the records that match the filter's definition (e.g., North Carolina). The status area reflects only the filtered records.

    Resulting Display of Filtered Records