Filtering Records

In Access XP filtering records may seem confusing at first. This free lesson offers step-by-step instructions.

Performing a filter excluding selection

A filter excluding selection works in the opposite manner as the filter by selection. Instead of specifying the filter to be used to view records (e.g., everyone in North Carolina), Filter excluding allows you to view data that does not include the specified criterion (e.g., everyone not in North Carolina).

To apply a filter excluding selection:

  • Click anywhere in the field that will be excluded from the filter.

    Select Field To Be Used in Filter
  • Choose RecordFilter Excluding Selection from the menu bar, or right-click and choose Filter Excluding Selection from the shortcut menu.

    Filter Excluding Selection option under the Reports Menu
  • All records except the criterion you excluded are now visible.

    Filtered Records
  • The status area shows only the filtered records displayed on the screen.

Remove this filter by clicking the Remove/Apply Filter button.