Introduction to Databases

Learn about Access XP databases and understand how they work in this free lesson.

Organizing our world

What if you needed to get to only contacts who represent family members? Perhaps another family member might want this information. You would have to flip through all pages of the address book and write down the exact same information onto another piece of paper or perhaps even another address book. This is time consuming. Contact records are duplicated. A change to one phone number means it must be changed in two or more places: in the address book, and anywhere else where you recorded the information.

Address Book Entry

Over time, your address book will become old and worn. The records in it will be crossed out and changed as people move from one place to another or change their information. You need a new address book. And then you need to rewrite all of that information again in a brand new book.

It's a lot of work.

What you need is a database.