Opening a Table and Learning to Navigate Records

In Access XP opening tables can be done using the steps in this lesson. In Access XP navigating records can be done as well.

Using the keyboard to navigate table records

Another way to navigate records in a table is to scroll up and down one screen at a time using the Page Up and Page Down keys on the keyboard. Other keys also provide shortcuts to move through fields and records, including:

Key:Selects the:
TabNext field to the right
Shift+TabNext field to the left
EndLast field of the record
HomeFirst field of the record
Down ArrowSame field in the next record
Up ArrowSame field in the previous record
Page DownNext screen of table records
Page UpPrevious screen of table records
Ctrl+EndLast field of the last record in the table
Ctrl+HomeFirst field in the first record in the table