Running and Printing Database Reports

In Access XP running database reports is easy. In Access XP printing database reports is simple as well. Just follow these instructions.

Running contact management reports

The contact management database contains two reports you can use: An alphabetical contact listing report to print a complete list of contacts in the database and a weekly call summary report to recap phone call summaries made between any two dates.

To run an alphabetical contact listing report:

  • On the Main Switchboard form, click once on the Preview Reports menu selection.
  • On the reports switchboard, click once on the Preview the Alphabetical Contact Listing Report menu selection.

    Reports Switchboard
  • The report is displayed.

    Alphabetical Contact Listing Report

The contact management reports can also be run in Datasheet view by selecting the Reports tab from the Objects palette of the database window, then double-clicking the Alphabetical Contact Listing report.

Select Report Under the Reports Object