Running and Printing Database Reports

In Access XP running database reports is easy. In Access XP printing database reports is simple as well. Just follow these instructions.

Creating a report using AutoReport

The reports object in Access allows you to create a report to present your data in a meaningful and attractive printout. One way to create a report in Access is to use AutoReport. This report format quickly generates a columnar or tabular report format for records in a selected table.

To create an AutoReport:

  • Open the database window and choose the Reports selection from the Objects palette.

    Reports Object
  • Click the New button to open the New Reports dialog box.

    Reports Toolbar
  • Choose either the AutoReport: Columnar (prints one record in columnar format) or the AutoReport: Tabular options (prints all records in tabular format).

    Columnar Report Sample in Wizard

    Tabular Report Sample in Wizard
  • Click the drop-down list and choose the table or query on which the report or query is based.

    Select Table or Query To Be Used In Report
  • Click OK to create the report and open it in Print Preview. The mouse pointer changes to a magnifying glass. Remember, you cannot edit data in Print Preview.

Columnar report example:

Sample Columnar Report

Tabular report example:

Sample Tabular Report

After you have created a report, you will be asked to save it when you close it or exit Access. When you save a report, only the structure of the report is saved and not the underlying data seen in Print Preview.