Running and Printing Database Reports

In Access XP running database reports is easy. In Access XP printing database reports is simple as well. Just follow these instructions.

Creating a report using the Report Wizard

In the Report Wizard's third dialog box, you can specify how or if the reports are to be sorted on the report. For example, if you wanted to show names alphabetically and by state, you would first sort by state and then by last name.

Report Wizard

  • In the first field (optional), select a field name from the drop-down box only if records in the report are to be sorted by that field. Then click the button to define whether records are to be sorted in ascending or descending order.
  • If necessary, repeat for each of the remaining three sort fields.
  • When you're finished or to bypass this screen, click Next.

In the Report Wizard's fourth dialog box:

Report Wizard

  • Select one of the three listed layout options: columnar, tabular, or justified.
  • Select an orientation for the report, either portrait or landscape.
  • If you want, select or deselect the Adjust the field width so all fields fit on a page field.
  • Click Next to continue.