Running and Printing Database Reports

In Access XP running database reports is easy. In Access XP printing database reports is simple as well. Just follow these instructions.

Creating a report using the Report Wizard

In the Report Wizard's fifth dialog box:

Report Wizard

  • Click through the different format options displayed on the screen—Bold, Casual, Compact, etc.—to display a picture of each report format on the left side of the wizard screen. Highlight the desired format you want to use.
  • Click Next to continue.

In the Report Wizard's sixth dialog box:

Report Wizard

  • Assign a name to the report by typing a file name in the What title do you want for your report? field.
  • Click Finish to complete the wizard and generate the report.

Output of Report

You can decide to include any or all of the Report Wizard's selections in your report.

Very Important! When working in tables, forms, queries, and reports, use the New Object button on the toolbar to create new database objects (tables, forms, queries, and reports).