Running Database Queries

In Access XP running database queries may seem confusing at first. This free lesson offers step-by-step instructions.

Creating a single-table query

  • The Available Fields text box displays all of the fields contained in the table selected in the Tables/Queries field. Select the fields to be used in the new query. You can select one or more and can even include all fields in the query.

    Select Fields To Be Used In The Query

    Click to highlight the first field to be included in the query—Last Name, for example—and click the right arrow button. Repeat until you have selected all fields to be used (First Name, Address, City, State/Province, and Postal Code).

    Fields Included In The Query
  • If the fields you selected include a number field, you are asked to select a summary or detail query. To see each record, choose Detail. To see sums, averages, etc., choose Summary and set the summary options. Click Next.
  • Type a name for the query (e.g., Contacts Mailing Address) in the What title do you want for your query? field.

    (Leave the Open the query to view information radio button turned on.)

    Assign a Name to the Query
  • Click Finish to run the query.