Viewing and Adding Table Records

In Access XP viewing table records is simple. In Access XP adding table records is easy as well. Just follow these instructions.

Resizing table columns

Adjusting a column width in Access is similar to Microsoft Excel. By default, each column in Access is 15.6667 characters wide. Each individual column can be enlarged to 363 characters wide.

When entering records, you may need to resize columns to view the information as it is being typed. The width of an address column, for example, might be smaller than the actual address. You can adjust the column width of any field so it is wide enough to view the complete field entry.

An Example Showing Where the Street Address is Larger than the Column Width

In Access, you can adjust column width manually, use AutoFit, or use the menu bar.

To manually adjust column width:

  • Place your mouse pointer to the right side of the gray column header.
  • The mouse pointer changes to the adjustment tool (double-headed arrow).

    Adjustment Tool
  • Drag the adjustment tool left or right to the desired width and release the mouse button.

    Comparison Between Before and After Column Resizing