Introduction to Addition

Learn the basics of addition with this free lesson, which includes addition basics as well as interactives for you to practice.

Solving Problems

Now that you know how to write addition problems, let's solve some. When you're just getting started, you might find it easier to use counting to solve problems.

Try This!

For instance, can you use counting to write and solve this problem?

With that problem, you were able to count the objects you were adding. In real life, some people like to count with their fingers. Other people use small objects, like buttons or pennies. Others might make small marks on a piece of paper. When you're learning to add, it's OK to count! The more you practice, the easier it will get to add without counting.

Ways to Count

Let's look at two ways to solve addition problems with counting. First, we'll count with objects.

slideshow1 Another way to solve addition problems is to use a number line.