Subtracting Two- and Three-Digit Numbers

Learn all about subtracting two-digit numbers and subtracting three-digit numbers in this free lesson, which includes practice problems.

Solving Stacked Subtraction Problems

If you feel comfortable with the subtraction skills from Introduction to Subtraction, you're ready to start solving stacked subtraction problems.

In the slideshow, you saw that stacked subtraction problems are always solved from right to left. The expressions below are solved the same way. First, the bottom right digit is subtracted from the top right digit. Then, the bottom left digit is subtracted from the top left digit.

85 - 24

Try This!

Stack these subtraction problems and solve them. Then, check your answer by typing it into the box.

56 - 40 =
29 - 19 =
75 - 23 =

Subtracting Larger Numbers

Stacked subtraction can also be used for finding the difference of larger numbers. No matter how many digits there are, you subtract the same way every time — from right to left.

Try This!

These subtraction problems have larger numbers. Solve them, and then check your answer by typing it into the box.

225 - 100 =
199 - 21 =
634 - 623 =