Introduction to Blogs

In this intro to blogs lesson, learn all about what a blog is, who blogs, and why you should blog if you're interested in it.

What is a blog?

A blog is a type of website that is updated regularly with new content. Most blogs contain short, informal articles called blog posts. These posts usually contain some combination of text, photos, videos, and other media. At its core, a blog is just a space on the Web that you can create to record and express your opinions, experiences, and interests.

If you spend much time browsing the Web, you've probably read a blog post before, even if you didn't realize it at the time. Some of the most-read blogs are a bit like online magazines because they're written by a team of people who are paid to update the blog with new posts several times a day.

However, a majority of blogs are written by one person. As a result, the average blog is fairly personal, reflecting the interests and personality of the person who writes it. This is the type of blog we'll focus on in this tutorial.

Who blogs?

The people who write blogs are called bloggers. From what you hear on the news, you might think bloggers are all a certain type of people—young, politically inclined, and tech-savvy. Or maybe you've heard about bloggers who've written about amazing experiences or ambitious projects, then turned their blogs into bestselling books. While some bloggers do fit these descriptions, a majority of bloggers don't. In fact, there's no "average" blogger—blogs are written by people of all ages and backgrounds and from all walks of life.

Review the infographic below to learn more about bloggers.